Amadore Hotel Restaurant De Kamperduinen
Patrijzenlaan 1
4493 RA   Kamperland
, Netherlands

Special provisions of this wheelchair-accessible hotel in Kamperland, Zeeland

per 01/10/2012


  • General parking available: Yes
  • Special parking for disabled available: Yes
  • Paving materials in this parking lot are: Brick-pavement
  • Attainability of the main building is: Good
  • Valet service: No


  • Existence of different levels: No
  • Impeding thresholds at the entrance: No
  • The building (entrance) is easily accessible: Yes
  • The entrance doors are: Sliding
  • Reception desk, if existing, is adapted: No
  • Impeding thresholds in the building: No
  • The freedom of movement in the buildings is sufficient: Yes

Public toilet for disabled guestsShowHide

  • A public toilet for disabled guests is available: Yes
  • Width of the door is: 90 cm
  • The toilet is cleaned: 2 times a day
  • Has a fixed alarm system: Yes
  • Wheelchair fits under the washing-stand: Yes cm

Public areaShowHide

  • Existence of different levels: No
  • Floor-covering is friendly for wheelchairs: Yes


  • The building has a lift: Yes
  • Ground surface of the lift is: 2.3 m2
  • Width of the doors is: 90 cm


Also accessible for wheelchairs are:ShowHide

  • Fitness
  • Restaurant


  • The accommodation offers its guests a personal alarm system: No
  • The building is well equipped for topping-up scoot mobiles: Yes

Bedroom for disabled guestsShowHide

  • There are several public toilets for disabled guests: No
  • Roomnumber(s): nr 304
  • Width of the door is: 90 cm
  • Wardrobe is adapted: Yes
  • Floor covering consists of carpet: Yes
  • The bedroom has an accessible balcony or terrace: No
  • The height of the bed(s) is: 58 cm
  • The height is adjustable: No
  • Wall-switches are well placed: Yes
  • Personal alarm system present: No


  • The floor covering is anti-slip: Yes
  • Width of the door is: 90 cm
  • Wheelchair fits under the washing-stand: Yes
  • The mirror is lowered: No
  • The mirror may be tilted: Yes

Free movingspace in cm

The floor-plans show the distance to the wall or first hard to remove object.

Adapted public toiletShowHide

A: 110 cm | B: 72 cm C: | 150 cm | D: 70 cm
Surface: 4 m2
Height toilet seat: 49 cm
Arm rests present: Yes

Room nr 304ShowHide

A: 33 cm | B: 103 cm | C: 61 cm
Bed height: 58 cm
= Showerhead
A: 39 cm | B: 65 cm | C: 150 cm
Height bottom shower bar: 147 cm
Arm rests present: Yes
Fixed shower chair present: Yes
A: 36 cm | B: 117 cm C: | 42 cm | D: 69 cm
Height toilet seat: 50 cm
Arm rests present: Yes

More info

Note special provisions:

room 304 is a spacious 3-rooms apartment. Measurements small bedroom 225 x 320 cm

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